3 Reasons Why You Should Try Coffee Shop Business in 2022

The coffee shop business is one of the attractions of today’s young entrepreneurs. Moreover, coffee is the favorite drink of many people around the world. No wonder so many coffee shops have sprung up lately.

This business itself has a good opportunity, especially for those of you who want to enter the food and beverages business. Coffee itself has become a way of life for the people. It feels like a day without cold brew coffee is like something is missing. The increasing public need for coffee is a great opportunity to start a coffee shop business.

So, for those of you who don’t want to just be connoisseurs, why not start your own coffee shop business? Here are 3 advantages that you can have. Check out his presentation below.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Coffee Shop Business

1. The market is very wide

As previously mentioned, coffee lovers are not few. Whether teenagers, adults, or even the elderly, make coffee as their favorite drink.

This opportunity is what you should take advantage of when you want to run a coffee shop business. With such a wide market, you can target anyone and this can make your coffee sell well.

But keep in mind, the coffee business competition is also quite tight. You must have a precise strategy so that the coffee served at your shop is liked by customers.

2. Get daily turnover

Great opportunities to get a daily turnover will be very promising if you run a coffee shop business. And there will be greater opportunities during holidays or weekends.

However, you must encourage this with a good promotional strategy, especially on social media. For example, making a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promo at certain events such as grand opening. Then, it is possible to invite influencers to promote your business.

3. Small capital

These days, there is no need to rent a big place for you to turn into a coffee shop. It all depends on how the concept you want to offer.

For example, you offer casual seating without a table. In addition, you can also make a coffee stand that carries the take away or grab and go concept. After all, now there are also quite a few who offer coffee franchises with packages that are quite affordable.

Thus, you can save further costs and allocate the budget for other things, such as opening a new stand, adding different variants, and so on.

Tips and Stages of Building a Coffee Shop Business

Quality Products at Affordable Prices

If you have found your own special blend, with a different taste from the others, of course, also provide quality raw materials, so that the product you serve can be claimed as a premium product.

However, with these premium raw materials, they are usually set at an expensive price. This is usually presented by many brands, even well-known brands. So that you can compete in today’s high competition, try to present products at more affordable prices.

Business Planning with Details

Do not be too grandiose in making a business plan. You know where to start, how much capital to invest, and what the business will look like in (at least) 1 to 2 years. Because, if you already have very high expectations, such as having to have dozens of employees, high-end machines, and so on, this will probably hinder you from making a business plan.

You can start from the name of the business, the purpose or background of the business, the target & market character, the goods or production materials needed, competitor research, business risks, business location, to operational needs such as employees, electricity and so on. Put the plan in a document. With this document, your business plan will be more visible and you will also be more motivated to execute it.

Market Analysis

Analyzing the market aims to find out how far in the future your business can be developed, which potential customers have prospects in the future, what they really want from your business and what services you can provide.

Do this right, because this will determine the direction of your business, branding, communication and market segments for your own business. In addition, market analysis will also make it easier for you to see competitors and win the competition in that market.

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Unique and Attractive Branding

Branding activities are very broad, starting from choosing colors that represent the brand, logo, packaging, how you create content during promotions, and so on. Well, the branding process is also very important so that people can know the identity of your product.

Therefore, create a unique and attractive branding, so that it is different from your competitors. For example, you can make beverage packaging that is more environmentally friendly. Many people prefer packaging that is not just disposable, because it is more useful.

Things like this may seem trivial, but are often considered by many people to buy. With a unique and appropriate packaging, it will be easier for you to brand the beverage business.

Do the Right Promotion

Take advantage of social media to promote and market the products you sell online. This method is very common because social media is very effective for marketing products, because social media can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

The business promotion that you present on social media will be more tempting and liked by consumers if the presentation of the content is interesting. One way to get interesting content is to use video marketing. Its appearance is more communicative, making this media promotion considered the most ideal to attract public attention.


The last tip is consistent. With consistency in presenting products that are pleasing to the tongue of many people, product branding, and passion in doing business, you will remain focused on the initial goals of the business, including when you have to overcome the intense competition in the business.

Ups and downs in business are common for every business person. If you have prepared everything optimally, but there is no consistency in your business, you will easily be overtaken by the fast movement in this unique and contemporary beverage business.