The Soloviev Foundation Donates for Ukrainian War Relief

The Soloviev Foundation recently donated $1 million to the AmeriCares organization to provide relief to Ukrainians hit by the ravages of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Specifically, the Soloviev Foundation, in partnership with AmeriCares, will provide urgent health care to needy Ukrainians in their war-torn homeland.

The Soloviev Foundation

The Soloviev Foundation, through the guidance of founder and chairman Stefan Soloviev, has the goal of improving respect and dialogue between the United States and Russia. However, Stefan Soloviev, the chairman of the Soloviev Group, which includes but is not limited to business interests in railroads, farming, ranching and building, made this significant donation to the humanitarian-aide organization due to, in part, his desire to honor his memories of his Ukrainian grandmother. The Soloviev Foundation, also known as the Soloviev American Russian Cultural Foundation, seeks to remind people of both countries’ centuries-long deep and positive connections. Furthermore, another goal of the Foundation resides in its providing funding that goes toward projects that help increase understanding through cultural enrichment. For example, the Foundation has given funding for the California State Historic Park called Fort Ross, home to a fort compound dating from the Russian era. Additionally, the Soloviev Foundation works to broaden knowledge through its curated links on its website to research documents held at the Library of Congress, the National Archives and several prestigious libraries, including both Harvard and Stanford University Libraries and the New York Public Library. Other educational resources include a documentary on links between the United States and Russia during World War II and an e-book on early relations between the two countries.

AmeriCares Organization

In his role as Chairman of the Soloviev Foundation, Stefan Soloviev chose to partner with AmeriCares to furnish health care and other assistance to Ukrainians caught in the conflict in their home country. With current headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut and founded by Robert Macauley, AmeriCares now comes under the leadership of Christine Squires, the organization’s former chief development officer. Furthermore, AmeriCares, for approximately forty-three years, has brought aid to people groups around the world. They do so by traveling to areas in crisis or poverty, providing critical care health programs, medical supplies, volunteer medical teams and clean water. In addition to health care aid, AmeriCares also brings assistance to developing countries to reduce inequalities due to poverty. Additionally, giving quick responses to areas in crisis because of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, remains one of the non-profit organization’s focuses.

Because the Soloviev Foundation and AmeriCares have partnered, many facing dire circumstances in Ukraine due to the armed conflict will receive the vital care they need, giving them an improved future.

By Anisa