Cereal in nice bowl on dining table

Kellogg is rather famously responsible for introducing cereal as a breakfast possibility in the United States. As the myriad of cereal decisions at any modern day grocery shop can attest, the enterprise has experienced a huge impression on how we try to eat breakfast. And now, the company wishes to get its palms on meal.

The Kellogg Enterprise announced this week that it would be a terrific pressure-no cost time saver if you (and your youngsters!) would eat some cereal for evening meal. The brand would like this so a great deal, in actuality, that it’s providing out handsome money rewards to prospects who pledge their determination to feeding on cereal in the evenings. (White tablecloths optional.)

“As the period of routines returns with fast paced times of carpool, mother or father trainer conferences, homework help, you identify it—so does the dreaded ‘what’s for dinner’ discussion,” reads Kellogg’s press release. “Fear not, Tony the Tiger®, Toucan Sam®, Mini® and the rest of the Kellogg’s cereal gang are offering chicken the night off to change weekly evening meal dread into cereal for supper rather!”

Setting up on August 25, at the time a 7 days, Kellogg will award $5,000 and a year’s offer of Kellogg’s cereals to a lucky participant who shares their cereal-for-dinner journey on Instagram with the hashtag #KelloggsCerealforDinnerEntry. Winners will be chosen for 5 weeks, with the advertising ending on Nationwide Much better Breakfast Working day, which I’m positive you presently know is September 26, duh.

Gimmicky while it could be, the marketing campaign does convey up an intriguing concern: Why not have cereal for evening meal?

The best family dinner vs. the actuality

Dinner has an interesting popularity. It’s regarded by Television set commercials, old magazine adverts, and cookbooks as the meal people consume with each other. In Tv set sequence created in or depicting the 1960s, the meal desk looms huge: Mother places anything protein-filled and practical on the desk (meat, potatoes, vegetable), and she, Dad, and the little ones all eat happily as a device. Healthful, hearty, and habitual.

“Good family members have a good night food, all associates collected all around the dinner table,” writes Jeffrey Melton in Humor in America. “Good parents reserve dinnertime for healthful discussion about the working day. It is a forum to function toward fixing complications and to reaffirm the grace and electricity of the relatives unit. A celebration of center The united states, the household mealtime is a profound expression of togetherness. I know this from observing American sitcoms.”

Whether or not the evening meal table as a collecting put has at any time been as foundational as Television makes it seem, food stuff and beverage brand names have significantly acknowledged with just about every passing ten years that it is a challenging regular to obtain. A large amount of modern day meals internet marketing is geared toward mom and dad who simply really don’t have the time, both to choose treatment of them selves or to sweat above a meal that can be collected all around.

Eggo just lately launched a liège-design waffle that you take in ideal out of the bundle, not mainly because untoasted waffles are more delicious (they are whatsoever) but for the reason that busy mothers and fathers don’t even have time to toast a frozen waffle for themselves or their youngsters in the early morning.

The point is, Eggo isn’t completely wrong. As I type this, I must be commencing the spaghetti and meatballs I promised my kid I’d make to rejoice the first day of school. I will finish up building spaghetti and meatballs, but I don’t definitely have the time, not in the way I want to. And possibly cereal would be a reduction some evenings.

Cereal for dinner isn’t a new thought. A restaurant in my city had cereal on its now defunct kids menu with the description, “Hey, it is their night time out as well.” I consider about it a lot—how it reminds me to enable my youngsters obtain the same break I’m accessing by likely out to evening meal instead of cooking. But still, I’ve seriously hardly ever assumed about cereal for meal as something we should do at house. Or at the very least, some thing we really should confess to performing. Why is that?

Try to eat cereal for evening meal if you want

“Cereal is for breakfast,” you say. Really should it be? Cereal has gotten a good deal of lousy push, right after all. Cereals with tons of included sugar are not automatically a wholesome food no matter when you consume it through the day—so what can make it more satisfactory at breakfast time but not the dinner hour?

If it doesn’t appear to be “wholesome” enough for dinnertime, then perhaps we need to choose what form of “wholesome” we’re soon after. Is it genuinely the pot roast? Or is it the togetherness? If it’s the latter, search, I’m sorry to get sentimental about a bowl of Froot Loops, but it’s possible providing ourselves a break and feeding on cereal for dinner after in a though might be our pathway to expending a small much more time at the table, savoring 1 another’s firm.

When I read about this foolish campaign, I did not expect it to develop into a hill I’d die on. But now that I’m pondering about it, certainly, cereal for meal is what we will need. Notably, Kellogg’s didn’t press its un-pleasurable cereals in our face, these as Specific K and Kashi. The campaign’s imagery is created about the company’s most sugary, technicolor cereals. But no make any difference which bowls you provide up, the break from custom is its individual form of fun.


By Anisa