What Are Competition Handguns?

Competition handguns are guns that shooters use for sporting events. For example, in the Olympic Games, women use a sport pistol. However, they are also used by thousands of male shooters worldwide. Some of the most common competition handguns are center-fire caliber pistols. 

SFX Rival series

The SFX Rival series of competition handguns offer ergonomic comfort and performance. These pistols are designed for competitive shooters and feature an aluminum trigger and funnel on the grip for enhanced ergonomics. They also have an adjustable rear sight and a slick, aggressive design.

In addition to being lightweight, the SFX Rival series has various features that help shooters improve their accuracy and speed. For instance, the pistol has a special slot that locks it automatically into holsters. The pistol is then only released when held by a person.

CZ Shadow 2 Black and Blue 9 mm

The CZ Shadow 2 Black and Blue 9mm competition handgun is superb for the competitive shooter. It features an extended magazine, checkered front and backstraps, and an improved trigger. The gun is also extremely accurate. The features of the Shadow 2 are designed to improve the purchaser’s experience.

It was designed with the input of the CZ Shooting Team and used advanced production technology to push the limits of the IPSC competition. It is much heavier than the Shadow platform, but that does not diminish its accuracy. The Shadow 2 is great for the USPSA (competition shooter).

Ruger MK IV

The Ruger MK IV competition handgun is semiautomatic with a 6.88″ bull barrel and slabbed side panels. It is made of solid stainless steel and has a pearled finish. It has fully adjustable sights, a non-reciprocating slide, and a target grip and thumb rest.

The Ruger MK IV competition handgun is ideal for casual plinking and small-game hunting. It is big.22 pistol with a relatively long barrel gives it a good sight radius and high velocity. It is marketed as a target handgun but can also be used as a hunting handgun if you know what you’re doing. It also comes with a Cordura (nylon) belt holster, a nice feature.

Walther competition target pistols

When it comes to competition target pistols, few can compare to the quality and reliability of Walther. These pistols feature state-of-the-art technology and reliability while using every anatomical possibility to maximize precision. They also have impressive features such as an ultra-light frame, a low-lying bore axis, a rear sight that can be placed over the wrist, safety, and a compact design. In addition, they offer reduced recoil thanks to a pneumatic dampening system.

The Walther GSP is among the most popular pistols for 25-meter pistol shooting competitions. It is an ISSF-approved weapon, and it has been used in events such as the rapid-fire pistol, standard pistol, and center-fire pistol. 


The Walther GSP was introduced to the world market in 1968. The design of the GSP was centered around the center-fire cartridge. The gun’s grips were anatomically shaped for left-handed shooters. In addition, the sights are located closer to the wrist, which reduces aiming errors. The GSP is a well-built handgun and is made to last a lifetime.


A PPC competition revolver is a modified stock revolver custom-built by gunsmiths for competition. These guns were never intended for on-duty use. The gunsmiths removed the original barrel and threaded it in a premium barrel blank made by a reputable gunsmith. The revolver has a fast, 1:14-inch twist rate and a heavy barrel for easy shooting.

The PPC competition is a revolver-friendly course of fire that combines speed and accuracy. This competition style is ideal for beginners because it teaches proper sight alignment and trigger control. Courses of fire consist of 60 rounds in four stages. The PPC competition handgun is usually a revolver, but semi-autos are also acceptable. The shooter is required to wear a sturdy belt and carry four magazines.

By Anisa