Deciding to use a powder coating gun at home can be an overwhelming task. Purchasing all of the necessary equipment and paint and understanding how to properly and safely operate it is a large job in itself. Once you have your gun in your hand, however, it is much easier to understand what to do when starting out with powder coating. So I would like to address some of the most common problems and questions that people face when they first start out.

Having a good powder coating job is not as easy as it looks. It requires practice and finesse. After my first gun was delivered, I felt excited, but also overwhelmed with all of the new knowledge and unknowns ahead of me. I would like to help you avoid having to go through all of the unnecessary trial and error. So let’s jump right in!

What Is Powder Coating?

Before we get into the basics, it is important for everyone to understand what powder coating actually is.

Powder coating is a type of finish that goes over raw materials (aluminum, steel, or plastic) and gives them a durable finish that is easily cleaned. It provides an even coating that allows the paint to be touch-free and chemical resistant.

The powder is made out of tiny particles that are typically baked at high temperatures. The most common type of paint used with powder coating is polyester, but some companies use epoxy.

Powder coating is actually not painted in its traditional sense, but rather a polymerized powder that has the desired color mixed throughout it. It does not have an actual liquid base as paints do, so when you spray or brush on the paint it automatically forms into a solid over whatever surface you are painting. Powder also adheres to nearly all surfaces, which is one of the biggest benefits of other paints.

Powder coating has many benefits over liquid paint: better coverage, thicker build, no drips or runs, and touch dry in minutes. The finish can then be baked at high temperatures for durable and long-lasting protection against corrosion and chemicals.

Choosing A Powder Coating Gun

Now that you understand what powder coating actually is, it’s important to know who your options are for buying equipment and the different types available. There are several types of guns available to purchase on the market today. There are low-end guns, mid-level guns, and top-end guns. Low-cost guns tend to be lower quality with fewer features while the high-end gun will have a huge price tag but also come with many features not available on their cheaper counterparts.

Choosing between these types of products can be hard when you don’t know what your end use is. If you are only planning to use the gun for small DIY projects or if you want something that can last in your garage, then I would recommend purchasing a cheaper low-end gun. On the other hand, if this will be used professionally and you’re looking for something that is more reliable and durable, then an upgrade may be a wiser purchase.

By Anisa